About Us

SwimPod is the sole propietor and worldwide distributor of the SwimMan waterproofed ipod and headset.

Our products use the unique, renowned Swimman™ waterproofing technology to ensure that you can enjoy your tunes no matter where you go. Whether you’re swimming laps, enjoying water sports, or just breaking a sweat – SwimPod has your music needs covered.

Our Timeline

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The true pioneer of personal waterproof audio players and headphones, Swimman™, introduced the world’s first waterproof audio cassette player and waterproof headset.

Another world first, Swimman™ introduced a waterproof digital audio (MP3) player.

Swimman™ began internally waterproofing Apple’s 2nd Generation iPod Shuffle, followed soon by the Gen. 3 in late 2009.

Best known to a core of dedicated water sports enthusiasts and master-level swimmers, Swimman had already been making water-friendly music possible for over 10 years. Early 2011, SwimPodUSA and SwimPod AU began waterproofing the new Apple iPod Shuffle Gen. 4 using Swimman’s™ trusted formulization, patents and production techniques.

Applying their proprietary Swimman™ internal waterproofing technology, SwimPod has continued to make the 4th Generation iPod Shuffle 100% waterproof without a bulky case that would detract from the shuffle’s sleek anodized aluminum body. By mid-2014, SwimPodUSA merged with SwimPod Australia after seeking a company that shared the same SwimPod standards of high quality and top-rate customer service that emerged from the world-renowned Swimman™ technology and trademark. We believe this merger will enable Swimman™ waterproof products to continue to reign the waterproofing market worldwide through the SwimPod group.





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