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Care for SwimPod Gear

Follow these easy steps to ensure the long life and use of your Swimpod Waterproofed iPod Shuffle, Adapter and Swimpod Waterproof Headset*

BEFORE YOU GET WET: Always connect the Swimpod Waterproof Headset to the Swimpod Waterproofed iPod before entering the water.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The slide switch on the top of the iPod has been fixed in place in the SHUFFLE PLAY position. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SLIDE THIS BUTTON – DOING SO MAY COMPROMISE THE WATERPROOFING AND WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Instead of sliding this switch to the OFF position, simply pause your music, then disconnect the headset from the iPod. The iPod will continue to blink for approximately 60-90 seconds and then turn itself off.

The control buttons on the front face of the iPod may be slightly stiffer than a non-waterproofed iPod Shuffle. We have purposefully increased the stiffness to insure against water pressure activation of the buttons. With use, the buttons will become less stiff.

After EACH USE you must follow the four (4) care procedures below:

  • STEP #1: Keep the headset connected to the iPod until you are out of the water.
  • STEP #2: Pause your music & disconnect the headset from iPod. This will electronically turn off the iPod in about 90 seconds.
  • STEP #3: After each use, carefully rinse off the entire iPod, headset, adapter, wires, plug, jack and earbuds with FRESH, CLEAN water. Flick or shake out any water that may be in the iPod headset jack, adapter or water within the black tubes and earbud openings. Dry the iPod, adapter and headset thoroughly, and hang headset over a railing, towel bar or chair to drain and dry. Allow the iPod jack and headset adapter to drain with the jack opening facing down on a towel.
  • STEP #4: Store in a dry place with the headset and adapter disconnected from each other and from the iPod. DO NOT store in a baggie or other material that does not breathe, as this will not allow residual moisture to escape!

* chlorine and salt water are very corrosive and eventually weaken all materials. Good, regular care helps delay such damage. Failure to perform the above care steps with each use may void the warranty

Wear SwimPod Gear

The Swimpod Headset has been specially designed to be worn in several ways – the moulded design allows the headset to slide onto the side of goggles, and each headset comes with a selection of short and long extension cords so the iPod can be connected and clipped to your swimming cap, clothing or arm band without any hassle.

How To: Wear SwimPod Gear